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Are you a technology company that is scaling quickly?

Just raised a round?

Do you need help with sourcing candidates, scheduling, screening, strategy, branding, marketing, and industry insights to help you hire the very best?

HirematIQ provides embedded, on-demand, recruiting services to help companies scale.

Our team of recruiters seamlessly embed themselves in your organization. We operate as your internal team for 3, 6, 9 or 12 month periods.

Whether you have no recruiting team or just need more horsepower we are here to help!

The best part:

We guarantee our work or your money back.
About us.
starting cost for a recruiter, sourcer and coordinator
$15K per month
NPS Rating
Average contract length
6 months
average time to hire
30 days
Engineering, Marketing, Product, Sales, Design, Security, Legal
Happy Customers.

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